About Us

Our Forefathers set forth to make one great nation.

Today, that nation is known worldwide by a simple flag of Red White and Blue.

A simple flag created by a child of just 16 years old.

It is not made of the finest fabric and can be even made of paper, plastic, steel, and wood.

The colors don't matter either; we sometimes wear it in green, black, or tan.

But the value remains the same.

The flag is not a religion, committee, or organization.

But it can unite people under one common cause. 

Throughout the years, peace has been tested. 

But whenever called, the Red White and Blue was steadfast and ever-present.

In the hands of a Patriot, it is a symbol to welcome friends and warn foes.

On the uniform of a Policeman, Fire Fighter or First Responder, it is the ultimate sign of help and rescue. 

On the arm or chest of a serviceman, woman, or Veteran, it is a symbol of a commitment; an oath to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic - choosing, whenever possible, to take the fight to their doorstep.

It is a solemn pledge in which they openly accept can result in death. 

The flag is unique in its glory. 

On our Embassies around the world, it offers hope to those who search for a better way. 

On the mast of ship, it is a sign of help to those in need, and commands respect from those who pirate the seas.

On the 4th of July, it shines a light on the independence we enjoy.

It is more than just a team jersey. 

And our flag is not afraid to get dirty, sailing vast oceans, baking in desserts, and flying many skies. 

It is a sign of honor and character, loyalty, and strength.

It can be the motivation to go a little farther, a little faster, and a little more. 

And one thing that holds true, no one stands alone under the Red, White, and Blue.

After seeing a need for expertise from a few Veteran-Owned and Operated businesses, Military Wall Art set out with a goal of sharing our patriotic love of America with the world. Starting with only one line of Flags, the Torch Stories Collection, our passion and drive made it more and more apparent that everyone’s love for America has different visions. 

These diverse creative needs from our citizens was the driving force behind making Military Wall Art not just “wall art.” We offer canvases, various designs of flags, custom made flags, and a variety of other home or office items, all with one purpose - to show your pride for our amazing country, and those that protect it.

We love hearing from our customers, and love photos of our art hung up in your home even more, so please feel free to Contact Us today!